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iCARE Patient Management Software

iCARE.  Integrated Comprehensive Appointment & Record Entry
A full-scope Optometry patient management software solution.

Experience the magic of iCARE Patient Management Software. Whether you are technologically savvy or new to computers altogether, iCARE's ease of use and clean interface will have your practice running efficiently from top to bottom.

iCARE is loaded with features to help you get the most out of your patient management experience. All features are designed to improve efficiency and reduce data entry time so that you have more time to spend with your patients.

Initial On-site Installation & Training

The transition to our new software is smooth and effortless without a loss in office productivity.

We take care of everything. We will make sure that iCARE is installed on as many networked computers in your office as you like, along with the initial setup and training required to get you and your staff comfortable with the software that you will be using from day to day.

We will also transfer all of the patients from your current patient management software into iCARE if possible.

iCARE Service Contract

iCARE On-site Technical Support

Most, if not all, technical support issues can be managed remotely (and best of all, it is FREE with the iCARE Service Contract). If you prefer additional in-office technical support, the following is the fee structure:

iCARE Extras

The following items are available and are not required. However, they can greatly enhance your iCARE experience by improving efficiency and productivity.